Riverside College Widnes and Runcorn Open Events

Open Evenings

Open events help you to make a decision and give you an opportunity to ask questions about which course you want to study at college.

Simply call in to meet our friendly tutors and find out about our wide range of courses. The event is about giving you the opportunity to sample what Riverside College has to offer. Please do not hesitate to ask our staff and students any questions that you have about the college or courses.

Our admissions tutors will be on hand to help you complete your application form or provide you with advice and guidance about the admissions procedure and the progress of your application.

Open Evening Dates

  • Wednesday 6th March 2019, 5pm-7pm
  • Thursday 6th June 2019, 4.30pm-7.30pm

Read more about Open Evening events at Riverside College.

Student Term Dates

2018/2019 Academic Year

Spring Term 2019

  • Monday 7th January 2019 – Friday 8th February 2019
  • February Half Term: Monday 11th February 2019 – Monday 18th February 2019
  • Tuesday 19th February 2019 – Friday 29th March 2019
  • Easter Holidays: Monday 1st April 2019 – Friday 12th April 2019

Summer Term 2019

  • Monday 15th April 2019 – Friday 24th May 2019
  • May Half Term: Monday 27th May 2019 – Friday 31st May 2019
  • Monday 3rd June 2019 – Students will be advised of their final day in college by their Personal tutor as it varies according to course/programme of study

College will be completely closed on the following dates:
Monday 24th December 2018-Friday 4th January 2019 (Christmas)
Friday 19th April 2019 (Bank Holiday)
Monday 22nd April 2019 (Bank Holiday)
Monday 6th May 2019 (Bank Holiday)
Monday 27th May 2019 (Bank Holiday)

2019/2020 Academic Year

Autumn Term

  • Monday, 2nd September, 2019 – Friday, 25th October, 2019
  • October Half Term: Monday, 28th October, 2018 – Friday, 1st November, 2019
  • Monday, 4th November, 2019 – Thursday, 19th December, 2019
  • Christmas Holidays: Monday, 23rd December, 2019 – Friday, 3rd January, 2019

Spring Term

  • Monday, 6th January, 2020 – Friday, 14th February, 2020
  • February Half Term: Monday, 17th February, 2020 – Monday, 24th February, 2020
  • Tuesday, 25th February, 2020 – Friday, 3rd April, 2020
  • Easter Holidays: Monday, 6th April, 2020 – Friday, 17th April, 2020

Summer Term

  • Monday, 20th April, 2020 – Friday, 22nd May, 2020
  • May Half Term: Tuesday, 26th May, 2020 – Friday, 29th May, 2020
  • Monday, 1st June, 2020 – Friday, 10th July 2020

College will be closed on the following dates:
Monday 23rd December 2019 – Friday 3rd January 2020 (Christmas)
Friday 10th April 2020 (Bank Holiday)
Monday 13th April 2020 (Bank Holiday)
Monday 4th May 2020 (Bank Holiday)
Monday 25th May 2020 (Bank Holiday)