Asbestos Awareness for Construction Specialists – Level 2

Level: 2 | Duration: 4 Weeks | Start Date: 24/01/2018

Details: 6pm-9pm

What is this course about?
Asbestos Awareness

What will I learn on this course?

  • An Understanding of the risks to health of asbestos.
  • Gain Knowledge about the causes of asbestos in the construction industry.
  • Know the risks of exposure to asbestos and the methods for controlling that risk.
  • Understand the legal duties and obligations of employers and building owners.
  • Know how to act in an emergency and where to seek advice on asbestos risks

Why choose Riverside College for this course?
At Riverside College we are open to meeting the individual needs of our students.
We have a friendly but professional approach to learning.

This course is tailor made to suit the individual, may it be a tradesperson, property developer, homeowner, business, employer or simply the need that everyone should be made aware about the importance of where danger hides.

All students have an opportunity to work individually, in pairs on in a group, discussions are important as shared information creates informative learning, which is large part of this course.

How will I be assessed?

  • Classroom sessions will take place to provide knowledge and guidance from your tutor related to the Level 2 Award in Asbestos Awareness.
  • Decide on the way you would like to present your work for assessment, Power Point, Word or written explanation to cover the Assessment criteria.
  • Your tutor will provide guidance at all times.
  • Make a list of asbestos containing materials that you may come into contact in your area of work.
  • Use resources provided they may include handouts, personal notes from lectures, group comparisons, research and questions and answers ect.
  • Work in groups exchange ideas but keep your presentations individual.
  • Your presentation and Job Knowledge answers will be assessed and feedback given to meet the standards of Proqual Unit F/504/2136 Level 2 Health Risk Asbestos

What are the entry requirements?
No entry requirements

Are there any costs associated with this course?
Course fee £60. Many of our students study for free, as depending upon your personal circumstances you may be eligible for funding. Please see our Guide to Fees on the Adult section of this website or enquire at your interview to find out if you are eligible. Please note that course fees are subject to change.

Where will this course lead?

  • Level 2 Awareness Certificate, this could help towards employability.
  • Contribute towards a Health and Safety Course.
  • Apply for a trade of your choice, additional asbestos awareness knowledge will supplement your course and help protect you and others personal safety whist working vocationally.
  • Help you identify existing and the potential of asbestos in properties or businesses before you purchase.
  • Employees and the public will be more aware of the dangers that hide and the process for reporting guided by the HSE.
  • General personal protection

What do our students say?
General comments: “The course is very informative, great discussions, everything explained well, amazed at how many materials contained asbestos, enjoyed completing course, tutors friendly to approach, opened my eyes to the threat of asbestos and the damage it could cause, excellent info, back of my mind for the future, insightful on the dangers, more knowledgeable”

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