Student Support

Riverside college student support

Supporting You to Reach Your Full Potential

Every Student Matters

Above all, we want you to be happy here and to achieve your full personal and academic potential.
We sincerely hope that the experience you have here, both academically and socially, will stay with you as happy memories for the rest of your life.

Personal Tutor

When you join Riverside you will be assigned a personal tutor. Your tutor will guide you through your course, track your achievements, and help you access the varied support available, and above all, celebrate all of your successes.

Personal Tutors will:

  • Help you settle in and adjust to college
  • Support you to overcome any challenges that you may experience in college
  • Raise awareness of the support that is available
  • Help you with any attendance difficulties
  • Create an action plan with you to raise your achievement and achieve your goals
  • Provide a supportive ear to talk about problems and/or issues
  • Act as a professional friend


Individual Target Setting

During induction you will be set target grades for your course based on your GCSE grades. This is known as your minimum target grade (MTG). Your personal tutor and subject tutors will continuously check your progress against your MTG so they can support you in attaining it. Most of all, your MTG will enable you to know how well you are doing.

Work Placement

Students will have the opportunity to undertake work placement as part of their studies. This is a valuable experience for students and provides them with the opportunity to experience, first hand, vocational practice within the industry they have chosen to study.

Parents will receive:

  • Prompt contact in the event of poor attendance or progress
  • An invitation to attend progress evenings in each academic year
  • Progress reports twice a year

    Study Support

    If you experience any difficulties coping with your college work or feel that you could do better with some extra help then we have a dedicated study support team to help you.

    They can assist you with:

    • Organising and planning your work
    • Managing your time effectively
    • Arranging extra workshops to help you improve your English, maths and IT skills


    Pastoral Support Team

    Throughout your time at Riverside you will receive a huge amount of support to help you to be successful in your studies.

    Pastoral Support Workers will:

    • Help you to keep your attendance to a high level
    • Give you individual support if you are struggling with your work and/or meeting deadlines
    • Liaise with your tutors to ensure you maximise your learning
    • Listen and provide help and support with issues that may be affecting your college life
    • Developing your study skills to maximise your potential
    • Arranging specialist equipment e.g. software for students with dyslexia
    • Helping you with language skills if English is not your first language
    • Identifying and exploring your individual learning needs

    We also have a team of tutors and support workers who work with students who have disabilities or learning difficulties e.g. dyslexia or Asperger’s Syndrome.

    Student Services

    Your wellbeing is our priority and we will help you to overcome any obstacles to your success, achievements and progression.

    We will help you with:

    • Career decisions and higher education routes
    • Applying for universities
    • Job searches and employment opportunities
    • Managing your finances
    • Individual counselling for you if you have any personal difficulties


    The Learning Resources Centre

    The Learning Resources Centre (LRC) at Riverside College plays a vital role in supporting today’s learner. The LRC houses the college library providing access to 20,000 titles; including DVDs, CDs, Journals and Newspapers.

    It is equipped with high spec computers providing access to a host of resources including the college intranet, Microsoft Office applications, e-books, WiFi access, online resources, and Moodle: the college VLE (virtual learning environment).

    The library catalogue and the majority of our online resources can be accessed from home using your personal login. There are also printing and photocopying facilities, a binding service and stationery to purchase.

    The LRC at Riverside College is designed to support independent learning with over 100 PCs. There are areas for group study, where you can work together with your class-mates on group tasks and a silent study zone if you prefer to work without interruption. A team of trained staff are always on hand to help with your enquiries and to ensure you remain safe and supported.

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