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Vita Salon Price List

Please read carefully

Models must understand that they are in a ‘Learning Environment’; treatments may take longer than planned and the authority of the lecturer in charge of the class must be recognised. Whilst every effort is made to meet client requirements, in some cases the process may be carried out to the satisfaction of the lecturer not the model. Every precaution is taken to reduce the risk of allergic reactions with products used in the hairdressing and beauty departments.

All hair and beauty treatments are carried out at the model’s own risk.

Riverside College does not accept responsibility for any damage or loss of property. Smoking is not permitted in the college.


Level 2 Level 3
Cut and Finish £8.00 £10.00
Blow Wave (short hair) £5.00 £6.50
Blow Wave (long hair) £6.00 £7.50
Curly Blow £8.00 £10.00
Curly Blow with clips £10.00 £15.00
Shampoo and Set £5.00 £6.00
Wash and Cut £5.00 £6.00
Gents Cut £3.00 £3.00
Conditioning & Oil Treatment Extra (including blow dry) £7.00 £7.50
Conditioning treatment as an extra £4.00 £4.00
Extra long hair £5.00 £5.00
Permanent Wave
Long Hair £5.00
Volume Support £10.00 £12.00
Curly Locks £12.00 £14.00
Perform £14.00 £16.00
Style wave £16.00 £18.00
Acid £18.00 £20.00
Specialist Winding £30.00 £32.00
Hair Up
Braiding £5.00 £6.00
Hair Up £10.00 £12.00



Level 2 Level 3
All Colours require a skin test 12/48 hours before treatment
Full Head Colour (including blow dry) £21.00 £23.00
Full Head Colour with Woven H/L £39.00 £42.00
Full Head Colour with Partial H/L £31.00 £33.00
Full Head Colour and Flashes £29.00 £31.00
Full Head Colour and Cap £28.00 £30.00
Root Application £19.00 £21.00
Roots and Full Head Woven £34.00 £36.00
Roots and Partial Woven £27.00 £29.00
Roots and Flashes £27.00 £29.00
Roots and Cap £24.00 £25.00
Cap Application £18.00 £20.00
Woven Highlights/Lowlights £31.00 £34.00
Partial Woven Slices £16.00 £20.00
Half Head Woven Slices £21.00 £25.00
Bleach Flashes £16.00 £20.00
Bleach with Crazy Colour £18.00 £20.00
Semi-permanent Colour £13.00 £15.00
Quasi £16.00 £17.00
Quasi with Partial Colouring £24.00 £26.00
Quasi with Full Head Woven H/L £29.00 £31.00
Ombre Two Colours/Balayage From £36.00
Ombre Three Colours/Balayage From £38.00
Toner £6.00 £6.00
Bleach Wash £6.00 £7.00
Metallic Pastels From £40.00
Restructuring Treatment From £10.00
Colour Correction (min price) No Student Discount From £40.00


Level 3 Hair Treatments Only

Cold Straightening £40.00
Heat Straightening £60.00
All chemical treatments are inclusive of cut and finish


Pensioner Prices

Blow Wave £4.00
Shampoo and Set £4.00
Cut and Blow Dry £6.00
Cut and Set £6.00
Please note: Hair colouring requires a skin test 48 hours before treatment
Full Head Colour £16.00
Full Head Colour with Woven H/L £31.00
Full Head Colour with Partial H/L £23.00
Roots £11.00
Roots with Full Head H/L £24.00
Roots with Partial H/L £22.00
Capped Application £13.00
Woven Highlights/Lowlights £18.00
Quasi Colour £13.00
Quasi Colour with Partial H/L £23.00
Semi-permanent Colour £11.00
Permanent Wave
Root Perm £10.00
Curly Locks £10.00
Perform £12.00
Style wave £12.00
Acid £15.00


Children’s Prices

Cut £3.50
Cut & Blow Dry £5.00


Massage Treatments

Swedish Body Massage
Improve the blood and lymph within the body
1 hour full body £12.00
30 mins back/neck/shoulders £7.00
Hot Stone Therapy Massage Full Body
A therapeutic massage using essential oils to restore harmony of mind, body and spirit £15.00
Hot Stone Therapy Back/Neck/Shoulders
A therapeutic massage using essential oils to restore harmony of mind body and spirit £10.00
Course of 6 Treatments (please enquire) £70


Level 2 Beauty Treatments

Eye Treatments
Eyebrow Reshape £2.00
Eyelash Tint £4.00
Eyebrow Tint £2.00
Eyelash & Eyebrow Tint £5.00
Individual Lashes £8.00
Strip Lashes £6.00
Waxing Treatments
Full Leg Wax £10.00
Half Leg Wax (ankle to knee) £7.00
Bikini Wax £4.00
Underarm Wax £4.00
Eyebrow Wax £2.00
Upper Lip, Chin or Face Wax (from) £2.00
Forearm Wax £4.00
Makeup £5.00
Facial including Massage & Mask £7.00


Level 2 & 3 Tanning Treatments
Spray Tan £10.00


Level 3 Beauty Treatments

Galvanic Facial Treatment
(Incorporating Specialised Gels individually chosen to improve the skin condition) £15.00
Dermalogica Facial
(including vacuum, EMS, HF, Micro-dermabrasion £15.00
Non-surgical Face Lift
Helps to Tighten and Tone Sagging Facial Muscles whilst Smoothing the Appearance of Fine Lines and Wrinkles £15.00
Body Lifting Treatment
Bust/Bottom/Abdomen Lift £10.00
G5 Massage
To Mobilise Fatty Deposits on Thighs, Upper Arms and Abdomen (30 mins) £7.00
Vacuum Suction
To Aid the Removal of Fluid Retention and Cellulite One area £7.00
Full body £10.00
Galvanism Body
To assist the dispersal of cellulite (30 mins) £5.00
High Frequency Back Treatment
Boost Circulation and Improve Skin Condition £7.00
Faradic/Physique Body Treatment
Passive Muscle Exercise for Improving Figure Contours (30 mins) £7.00


Nail Bar

Hand Treatments
Manicure £5.00
Manicure with Specialised Treatment £7.00
File & Polish £3.00
Foot Treatments
Pedicure £5.00
Pedicure with Specialised Treatment £7.00
Gel Nails
Gen Manicure or Pedicure £10.00
Soak off Gel £5.00
Gel soak off £5.00
Gel polish for hands and feet £15.00
Artificial Nails
Acrylic/ Nails Full Set £10.00
Acrylic Nails with Gel polish £15.00
Natural Nail Overlay £5.00
Acrylic Full Set Infills £7.50
Rebalance £8.50
Single Nail Repair £1.50
Soak Off Artificial Nails £7.00
Builder Gel Nails full set £10.00
Nail Wrap Natural Nail Overlay £3.00
Nail Wrap Full Set £5.00
Nail Wrap Infill £4.00
Full Set of Designer Nail Enhancements £15.00
Nail Art (per nail) from £1.00

Please Note: Our prices are a guide only and may be subject to change.

Hairdressing and beauty gift vouchers are available, please enquire at the Hair & Beauty reception.

Please be aware hair prices may increase for customers with longer length hair.

It is recommended that payment is made prior to your treatment. All clients must register at reception before their  treatments.

Please note that it is advisable to have a skin test 24/48 hours BEFORE each scalp colour. If a skin test is not performed then you may be refused treatment.

Please book your skin test before booking your appointment.

All clients who require any colouring treatment must be over 16 years of age.

Please phone to make an appointment

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